About Us

About Us

Since 2015 IMAGINE IMPORTS has been providing trendy products with attractive and innovative packaging. Mostly focused on Garments and fashion accessories, however now offering a selection of gift items.

We are company that strives to be competitive on every level, and innovative to excite the customer. We achieve these goals by providing pre-paid shipping, competitive prices, evolving packing, and rotating product designs quickly.  

In todays retail environment the packaging design and opening experience of the product, plays an important attribute to the sale. Thus our packaging and labeling is designed to provide a satisfactory experience from time of purchase to actual use. Furthermore, quality products that are attractive to display simplify the selling process for physical retail stores.    

Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us, thus share your stories with us so we know that our job is being done right!

Prepaid shipping is provided based on the below order amounts before tax:

*Some exceptions apply*

NOTE: Due to increasing costs in freight, pre-paid shipping has been suspended 

1) For GTA orders of $500 and over

2) For Ontario (Outside GTA) orders of $800 and over

3) For Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI orders of $1,000 and over

4) For Newfoundland orders of $1,000 and over

5) For Manitoba, Alberta, BC orders of $1,000 and over

6) For The United State of America - Please inquire